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Felix Braden

Since Felix Braden was a boy his biggest passions were drawing and painting, so he decided to study graphic design at the Fachhochschule Trier and graduated 1998 in typography with Prof. Andreas Hogan. During this time he worked with the type designer Jens Gehlhaar, discovered typography, and began to design typefaces.

In 2000 he founded the free-font site Floodfonts with Peter Hoffmann. After working for five years as an art director for Gaga-Design, Koblenz, he decided to set up his own graphic design studio in Cologne. He now lives in Cologne working as a freelance designer and as a art director for MWK Cologne.

Personal details

  • From: Germany
  • Born: Koblenz
  • What he does: Type Design
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3 font families by Felix Braden

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  |  available for Desktop and Web


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Bikini Bikini

FF Scuba™

  |  available for Desktop, Web and App


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FF Scuba™ FF Scuba™


by URW++
  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


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Supernormale™ Supernormale™

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