Jan van den Velde

Jan van den Velde was a Dutch calligrapher rightly credited with having introduced and perfected a new trend in Dutch calligraphy, probably even from an international view point, the best calligrapher, even a virtuoso, from the 17th century. Author of the writing manual “Spieghel der schrijfkonste, in den welcken ghesien worden veelderhande gheschrifften met hare fondementen ende onderrichtinghe. ” (Haarlen, 1605) and other works. Your indescritible writing-book was important not only with regard to the specific period it represents, but also in relationship to the entire history of calligraphy as an art. Died in Rotterdam in 1623

Personal details

  • From: Romania
  • Born: Amsterdam, 1568
  • Died: Rotterdam, 1623
  • What he does: Type Design