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Jason Anthony Walcott

I created JAW Fonts, an independent type foundry, to design and sell my type. I am heavily influenced by the whimsical and often ingenious designs of hand lettering, whether it be a logo or a sign or titles from an old movie. These sources serve as the inspiration for many of my typefaces, as well as long forgotten designs that have yet to be digitized into computer typefaces. I strive to create a collection that will offer anyone who needs or uses typefaces, a unique selection of type with which to choose from. I fell in love with type when I was in school for Graphic Design and Illustration. That love continued to grow until it seemed only logical that I become a type designer myself. As with any artist I am never satisfied to stop where I am, and so I will continue to increase my library and spread the notion that too many typefaces is never enough. All JAW Fonts have now been updated to include the euro symbol.

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139 font families by Jason Anthony Walcott

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