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Karsten Luecke

Karsten Luecke is a type designer and typographer living and working in Datteln, Germany.

He studied communication design at University of Essen until 2002, worked at Steidl for a year in 2004-2005, and established KLTF in 2005.

His Litteratra family was among the winners of the TDC2 2001 Typeface Design Competition.

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3 font families by Karsten Luecke

Sample text:

KLTF Tiptoe™

  |  available for Desktop


4 fonts from $89.00
KLTF Tiptoe™ KLTF Tiptoe™

Bored by typefaces so skinny that you don't dare touch them in fear you might break their curves? Tiptoe is different. Tiptoe doesn't care. It is Bold. ExtraBold. Black. UltraBlack. And curves are broken already. So, no need to worry.

KLTF Litteratra™

  |  available for Desktop


2 fonts from $149.00
KLTF Litteratra™ KLTF Litteratra™

The idea was to make a typeface which creates a dark text block on the page, therefore combining elements of fraktur and roman type. And like with early italic types, Litteratra's italic lowercase are accompanied by roman uppercase. This suggested to include italics in the regular font.

KLTF Grotext™

  |  available for Desktop


7 fonts from $89.00
KLTF Grotext™ KLTF Grotext™

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