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Kwesi A. Amuti

"Seriously...type design was the furthest thing from what I thought I would be doing right now...I wanted to be an architect or tailor...I ended up a historian with a lot of fonts and a side business creating party flyers...but when I saw that I could not only define the world I live in with letterforms but also give a much needed voice to those languages and cultures that have been set aside by many type designers...I really found what I wanted to do...I guess having the aspirations and skills of and architect mixed with the knowledge of a historian on top of a love for fashion and the graphic arts makes you a pretty good type designer."

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3 font families by Kwesi A. Amuti

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  |  available for Desktop and Web


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Ehmbeecee Ehmbeecee

Adinkra Pro

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Adinkra Pro Adinkra Pro


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3 fonts from $29.00
Adinkra Adinkra

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