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Pedro Gonzalez Jorquera

Pedro González (aka “PeGGO”) is a type designer, calligrapher and illustrator from Chile, who graduated in Graphic Design in 2005 from the Universidad del Bío-Bío. He designed some commercial fonts, such as Legan (2008-2011, a mini-serifed Trajan face that includes classical uppercase but also lowercase, cyrillic, greek and a very large latin based language support), Farola (2008, a curly Victorian face; +Farola Simple, without curls), Thörtl (an angular display face), Gothric (gothic), Claramaria (sans), Claramaria Mega Black (extrablack version), Claramaria Extra Light (hairline version), Fonton (a fat elliptical face), Cuadrada (2010, angular), Trianglery (2010, calligraphic), Politic (+ExtraLight, +ExtraBlack: a slabbed family), Bolta, Minesmall (handprinted), SP-Font (squarish), Halcön (2008, blackletter), Krämfark (2008, blackletter). Calligraphic works include L'Ecole d'Fine Arts (2009), Paradise Duck, Eclesiastes (based on “La Rueda” of Sheila Waters, 1981),

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Legan Legan

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