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Seymour Chwast

Leading American graphic designer, working with Milton Glaser at Push Pin Studios in New York from its founding in 1954.

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5 font families by Seymour Chwast

Sample text:

Chwast Buffalo®

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Chwast Buffalo® Chwast Buffalo®


  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


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Fofucha Fofucha

Loose Caboose NF

  |  available for Desktop and Web


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Loose Caboose NF Loose Caboose NF

Break out the love beads and fire up the lava lamp!

Here’s a fresh take on the Artone alphabet, designed by Seymour Chwast in the 1960s. Beefy, bodacious and bottom-heavy, this typeface keeps on truckin' along.

Both versions of this font include the complete Unicode Latin 1252 and Central European 1250 character sets.

Weedy Beasties NF

  |  available for Desktop and Web


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Weedy Beasties NF Weedy Beasties NF

In Issue Number 84 of Push Pin Graphic, Seymour Chwast offered up this rather odd variant of his own extrablack, superbold in-your-(type)face, Blimp.

Not recommended for body copy, but makes interesting and unusual headlines.

Both versions of the font include 1252 Latin, 1250 CE (with localization for Romanian and Moldovan).

Bouncing Checks Layers

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Bouncing Checks Layers Bouncing Checks Layers

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