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Intellecta Design: ALMOST FREE : Gans Ibarra 90% off!!!

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The Elzeviriano Ibarra or ‘Ibarra Gans’ was a typography engraved by Carl Winkow in 1931 to Fundición Gans commemorating 50 years since the foundation thereof. It is designed to be used in the book-homage The Maestro Joaquín Ibarra. This type is a combination of the printers selected by Joaquín Ibarra, Spanish printer and typographer and Ezelvir family types, hence its compound classification. Gans Ibarra, designed in 2006 by Paulo W follow the concepts from the original designs from Fundicion Gans.

Promo ends December 19.

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Gans Ibarra Gans Ibarra
Gans Ibarra Gans Ibarra