Outside the Line: Ultra Condensed 25% off!

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Ultra Condensed is a three-font family with a full character set. Ultra Condensed is a remastering of Tall Skinny Condensed from 1999 which continues to be a favorite. While similar, the fonts are not interchangable. Shapes of some letters have changed, kerning and spacing are different. Tall Skinny Condensed does not have a full character set. Ultra Condensed Lettered is a hand lettered version of the hard edged Ultra Condensed. Ultra Condensed Line also hand lettered, is a thinner version of Ultra Condensed Lettered. These three fonts work well together or with a non condensed font, great for headlines at a large size. Works well for lots of copy in a small space.

Promo ends January 6.

The Deal

Fonts below from Outside the Line (single-font packages only) are 25% off!


3 font styles from $19.00
Ultra Condensed Ultra Condensed