Alphabet Soup: Award-Winning Dynatype from Alphabet Soup - Now 15% Off

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Dynatype is the upright, slightly more formal cousin of Dynascript. It shares many of the characteristics of it’s slightly older relation, but is drawn entirely from scratch and has it’s own unique character. Like Dynascript, Dynatype is also 2-Fonts-In-1: by simply pressing the “Stylistic Alternates” button in the OpenType palette you can access Dynatype’s “alternate” component—a connecting “script-like” variation that effectively mirrors Dynascript’s non-connecting alternate. Now get 15% off Dynatype for a limited time.

Promo ends January 31.

The Deal

Fonts below from Alphabet Soup (except value packs) are 15% off!


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Dynatype™ Dynatype™