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Canada Type: 30% Off the Complete Wilke Kursiv Family

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Martin Wilke's underrated yet influential deco classic from 1932 has both feet firmly planted in the high traditions of Western European calligraphy while carefully and subtly introducing some traits from the sweeping geometric/minimalist vision of the time. In a way, it was one the represetatives of the European anti-type typefaces of that era, when print media was searching for the elusive aesthetic balance between humanism and geometry. This typeface enjoyed some popularity in Germany for a few years, and went on to influence further type designs in Holland and Italy. Now, 90 years later, it is available in a very elaborate digital package, and at 30% off the entire family's price. For a few weeks only.

Promo ends February 28.

The Deal

Fonts below from Canada Type (family packs only) are 30% off!

Wilke Kursiv™

  |  available for Desktop, Web, App, Epub and Server


12 fonts from $24.95
Wilke Kursiv™ Wilke Kursiv™