End User License Agreement

TypeArt Standard License

TypeArt(R) fonts are NOT shareware. They may NOT be freely distributed or posted on bulletin boards or in newsgroups. PLEASE READ the following typeface agreement BEFORE continuing with this installation. TypeArt(R) is a registered trademark of the TypeArt Foundry Inc.

By installing TypeArt(R) fonts onto any computer or media device, you agree to accept all of the terms and conditions stated in this contract.

1. SOFTWARE USAGE. You agree to install this software on one computer only, with the following exception:

Where this software has been purchased by a company for a single user, that user may install this software onto a second, residential computer only if he/she is the primary user of both computers (i.e. his/her work on each computer comprises a minimum 75% of its operation time). In such cases, use of the software on the home computer is restricted to projects being done on behalf of the company which has paid to license these fonts, or for non-commercial only uses of the font (i.e. in personal documents and projects). Without exception these fonts will not be used for any commercial projects other than those being done on behalf of the licensed company, and the fonts must be removed from the home computer, once the user ceases to have a working affiliation with the licensing company.

Installation onto a local area network is prohibited without paying a "Multiple-User Site Licensing Fee" in an amount which corresponds to the number of computers you wish to have access to this software, or the number of computers you actually plan to install this software onto (see section 5, below).

Postscript fonts may be downloaded onto two printing devices for each computer installed with the software as per the above conditions and restrictions.

2. COPYRIGHT. These fonts and the vector outlines of each individual character in any given typeface are considered by the TypeArt Foundry Inc. to be objects of art, and are protected by copyright. They cannot, therefore be copied or reproduced in any way, with the following two exceptions:
(a) You may make one backup copy of this software, provided that this backup is not installed on another computer.
(b) You may give a copy of this software to any service bureau which you hire to output your film, paper or colour proofs, provided that they agree not use the typefaces for any purpose other than for outputting your work. They may keep the fonts on file for use with future jobs on your behalf.

You agree that if these fonts are opened in Fontographer or any other type modification software, you may alter fonts for your own specific design purposes, but agree not to save the adapted versions for the purpose of reselling them or distributing them as new fonts, either in whole or in part.

3. TRANSFER OF OWNERSHIP. This software may be sold to a third party so long as no backup copies are kept by the original licensing party, either on a diskette, on a hard drive or any other storage medium or device. To rent, lease or lend this software is prohibited.

4. ELECTRONIC PUBLISHING. When sending a document to a service bureau, printer or to a client or proofreader, TypeArt(R) fonts may be embedded into portable electronic documents and PDF (Portable Document Format) files as long as the recipient of the file understands that they are not to distribute, duplicate or make any additional copies of the file. When creating such a file, fonts must be embedded using subsetting, and the security permissions must be set to allow only printing and viewing. When the document is saved in this way, distribution of such electronic documents internally, within a company, is allowed so long as all of the workstations are at the same physical office address and the number of copies does not exceed 100.

TypeArt(R) fonts may NOT be embedded into portable electronic documents and PDF (Portable Document Format) files if the documents are intended for mass distribution. Neither may fonts be included with or embedded into a software application which will later be mass distributed. If a document is intended for public distribution, the fonts must be converted into vector outlines by using an application like Adobe(R) Illustrator, or the type must be converted into a TIFF, GIF, JPEG or other image format.

With the exception of documents produced for internal company use and for font cataloging at your site, it is prohibited for an electronic document OR a printed document to be distributed externally if it resembles a font sample (showing numerous characters from the font in sequential order: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, etc.) or if it has all or a large percentage of the characters from the font without any apparent reason for their inclusion in the text. If you are in doubt about a document that you are producing, please contact [email protected] for permissions.

5. MULTIPLE-USER SITE LICENSING. If you have licensed TypeArt(R) fonts at our regular catalog prices, you are licensed to use them on only one computer. If you plan to install the font software onto more than one computer, or if you plan to install the software onto a local area network so that it will be accessible to more than one computer, the payment of an additional Multiple-User Site License fee is necessary. This fee is only applicable if you are installing the fonts onto numerous computers at the same physical address. If you are installing the fonts onto computers at different office locations, then you must pay the full list price for the fonts at each location, and can pay the additional licensing fee if you plan to install fonts onto more than one computer at either of those locations.

6. LIMITED WARRANTY. This software has been tested and is believed to be free from defect. The TypeArt Foundry Inc. warrants that if you find this software to be faulty in any way, you may return the product to us, within 90 days, for a replacement of the software or credit for a future purchase. We are not responsible for merchandise found to be defective after the 90 day period, although some leniency may be shown in some situations which the TypeArt Foundry Inc. deem to be “special”. Under no circumstances do we provide refunds for software, once you have submitted your order and downloaded or attempted to download the fonts.

All of our downloadable software and any associated files are distributed on an “AS IS” basis without any warranties of any kind, express or implied. While the TypeArt Foundry aims to provide uncorrupted and virus-free software, downloading and using the software and files is at your own risk. You are solely responsible for backing up your data and ensuring that anything you download from our web site, or any site that is linked to ours, is free of viruses.

Although we have done everything in our power to prepare this product for compatibility with all Macintosh and IBM personal computers, and their clones, and although we have aspired to remove any possible defects, THE TYPEART FOUNDRY INC. WILL NOT AND CANNOT WARRANT THE RESULTS YOU WILL HAVE WHEN USING THIS SOFTWARE ON YOUR SYSTEM. IN NO EVENT WILL THE TYPEART FOUNDRY INC. BE LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE THAT THIS SOFTWARE MAY HAVE, OR APPEAR TO HAVE ON YOUR COMPUTER SYSTEM, NOR FOR ANY LOST PROFITS WHICH RESULT FROM YOUR USE OF THIS SOFTWARE, OR YOUR INABILITY TO USE IT AS EXPECTED. The TypeArt Foundry Inc. and its employees, agents, suppliers and contractors shall under no circumstances be liable for any claims, charges, demands, damages, liabilities, losses or expenses of any nature, and however they may have arisen, including without limitation any compensatory, incidental, direct, indirect, special, punitive, or consequential damages, loss of use, loss of data, loss caused by a computer or electronic virus, business interruption, loss of profit or income, loss of damage to property, claims of third parties, or any other kinds of losses, even if we are expressly advised of the possibility or likelihood of such damages.