End User License Agreement

Die Typonauten Standard License Agreement

Die Typonauten¨ License Agreement

Licensed Programs

1.1 You acknowledge that the Font-Software is the intellectual property of die Typonauten¨ (Krepinsky Kroemer GbR, Bremen, Germany). The term Font-Software shall also include any updates, upgrades, additions, modified versions, and work copies of the Font-Software licensed to you by die Typonauten¨. The media itself is and shall remain the property of die Typonauten¨.

1.2 Subject to the terms and conditions hereof and upon payment of the license fee, die Typonauten¨ grants to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to install the Font-Software - limited to the parts of it that you have been rendered access to at the time of delivery or upon the appropriate payment - in a single location on a hard disk or other storage device of up to five computers and/or one output device. Provided the Font-Software is configured for network use, you may install the Font-Software on a single file server for use on a single local area network for either, or (but not both) of the following purposes:

- permanent installation onto a hard disk or other storage device of up to five computers and one output device

- use of the Font-Software over such network, provided that the number of different computers on which the Font-Software is used does not exceed five computers and one output device.

You may also install the Font-Software on one home or portable computer. However, the Font-Software may not be used on the secondary computer by another person at the same time the Font-Software on the primary computer is being used. You may not copy the Font-Software onto more storage media than mentioned above, except for archival and/or backup purposes only, in which case you may make one copy. Using the Font-Software on more than five computers and/or one output device as described above is only allowed if you have purchased the appropriate "multi-user license" (special price/subject to availability).

1.3 You are only allowed to transfer or assign the Font-Software to a third party if such transfer complies with all of the following conditions:

- The transferee confirms his consent to all terms and conditions of this Font-Software License Agreement by signing a transfer deed

- such signed transfer deed including your and the transferee’s full name and address is sent to die Typonauten¨ or its local distributor, and

- you do not retain any copies of the Font-Software in whole or in part and you refrain from any further use of it.

1.4 Only for the purpose of outputting particular files may you take a copy of the font(s) you have used for such files to a commercial printer or other service bureau, and only if such service bureau has informed you that it has purchased or has been granted a license to use the respective Font-Software.

1.5 Embedding of the Font-Software into electronic documents or internet pages is only permitted in a secured read-only mode. Licensee must ensure that recipients of electronic documents or internet pages cannot extract the font software from such documents or use the embedded font software for editing purposes or for the creation of new documents. If you wish to put the font on a website so that customers use it to create designs, an OEM agreement has to be fixed. In this case you have to contact die Typonauten¨.

1.6 If your printed publication contain an imprint, the name of the font and the foundry have to be mentioned, e.g. "Type set in ... from die Typonauten¨".

No use for other Purposes; No Reverse Compiling

2.1 Subject to the exceptions set forth in subsections 1.3 and 1.4 above, you may not sell, lend, otherwise transfer or sublicense the Font-Software to any third party.

2.2 Subject to the exceptions set forth in subsection 2.3 below you are not allowed to

- modify, reverse compile or merge the Font-Software with other software programs,

- adapt modules thereof for your own developments, or

- put the software solutions embodied in the Font-Software to any commercial use other than operating your own computer or output device.

2.3 Actions as described in paragraph 2.2 are only allowed if they are indispensable to obtain the information necessary to establish interoperability of the Font-Software with other software programs.
This shall only apply if such information is not made public or otherwise easily accessible to you and you could not obtain such information from die Typonauten¨ or its local distributor. In such case you will inform die Typonauten¨ in writing about which parts of the Font-Software you will reverse compile.

Warranty and Limited Liability

3.1 die Typonauten¨ warrants that the Font-Software meets the functionality and performance standards as outlined in the user documentation currently valid at the time of the commencement of this license. This warranty ends 6 months after the day of delivery of the Font-Software to you. Die Typonauten¨ will correct substantial malfunctions occurring during this warranty period provided that such malfunctions are reproducible and you give immediate notice and sufficient description of such malfunctions to die Typonauten¨. Such corrections will generally be incorporated into new revisions of the Font-Software or, until the release of such new revisions, into temporary versions, at die Typonauten¨'s discretion. The correction may also be achieved by delivery of new versions of the Font-Software (i.e. versions with additional functionality and/or enhanced performance) in which case the warranty does not cover such additional functionality and performance. In the event that you should need new or modified hardware for the operation of such new versions, you may only return the Font-Software and your money will be refunded.

3.2 Die Typonauten¨ makes no warranties, express or implied as to merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or otherwise. Without limiting the foregoing, Die Typonauten¨ shall in no event be liable to the Licensed user or any other third party for any direct, indirect, consequential, or incidental damages, including damages from loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, arising out of the use or inability to use the product even if notified in advance. Under no circumstances shall Die Typonauten¨'s liability exceed the replacement cost of the Software.


4.1 The license granted hereunder shall automatically terminate, if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions hereof.

4.2 Upon termination of this Font-Software License Agreement, you agree to either return or to destroy and refrain from using the Font-Software, the media, copies and/or any modified or merged portions thereof.

4.3 You agree to inform your employees or any other person having access to the Font-Software and copies thereof, of the terms and conditions of this Font-Software License Agreement and to ensure that they shall strictly abide by these terms and conditions.

2006, die Typonauten¨