End User License Agreement

Emtype Standard License Agreement - until Sept 2016

Thank You for choosing to purchase a Emtype Foundry font’s. By purchasing or using these fonts you (The User) accept all of the terms and conditions of this agreement. Emtype Foundry hereby grants a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use the fonts conditional on the terms that follow:

The User is allowed to use one copy of The Font for the number of computers (including portables) for which a licence has been given, as long as all of the computers are located in one business entity. More computers or locations require the purchase of additional licenses. The User is allowed to copies of The Fonts for backup purposes.

The User may not copy, reproduce, transmit, upload (@font-face rule is not allowed ), or distribute The Fonts to third parties. The User may not rent, lease, sublicense, distribute, disseminate, give away or lend The Fonts. The User may not re-configure the individual character shapes to make new fonts or typefaces.

Service Bureaus
The User may provide a copy of the Fonts to a service bureau or commercial printer, with the job files for output for one time use related to the project to be output.

Emtype Foundry is not liable to The User for any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly in connection with using The Fonts. No warranties are expressed or implied. in this license. If a copy of The Fonts are found to be defective, they will be replaced in a reasonable manner.

This font software is copyright protected. This font software and all copies are and remain mental property of the manufacturer.

Limited guarantee, liability
Emtype Foundry guarantees for the period of 30 days (starting from the date of purchase) that there are no manufacuring faults in the font software provided by Emtype Foundry. Emtype Foundry is liable for the forwarding of a faultless product or with the repayment of the purchase price, the right to chose lies with Emtype Foundry. Emtype Foundry does not grant further warranties than the liability of an faultless product. This applies to all cases of use, e.g. the font software became unusable. There can not be made a claim for damages, e.g. loss of production, operation or production downtimes, increased consumption of material and other indirect damage, unless such damage was caused by Emtype Foundry deliberately or negligently.

Emtype Foundry reserves all rights to itself, which are not expressly granted by the present Treaty. If parts of this agreement should be ineffective, does that not affect the effectiveness of the remaining parts of this agreement. The present Treaty is subject to Spanish law.