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LoveChristmas LoveChristmas


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Talks Talks

Cal Neuland Shadow

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Cal Neuland Shadow Cal Neuland Shadow


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Copperhead Copperhead

Veronika Elsner and Günther Flake founded their company Elsner+Flake Designstudios after ten years of freelance experience in the field of type design, typography and digitizing of fonts and logos. The general aim of the company is to create a continuously growing library of digital fonts.


Andriy Konstantynov is an independent type-designer from Kiev, Ukraine. Born in Moscow in 1981, he later moved to Tallinn, Estonia, and then to Kiev, Ukraine. In 2002 he graduated from the National Technical University of Ukraine. He has been a practising web-designer since 1998. Living in Ukraine, where all the major languages use the Cyrillic script, the main priority in font development is the creation of multi-language typefaces that must contain the Cyrillic character set.

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