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Dingbats Design : Activity

Dingbats Design

What is it?

Designer of dingbats fonts. Also known as "sorts" or "pi fonts", they simply contain pictures or abstract designs instead of letters and numbers. Since they are manufactured just like standard fonts, they are easy to use in any device that handles fonts: such fonts have been in use since the earliest days of printing.

People in the field of Dingbats Design

We know of 49 people who work in this field:

Robert Altemus
Kwesi A. Amuti
Stefano Arcella
Bob Aufuldish
Charles Bigelow
Richard Bradley
Paul Brannelly
Sean Cavanaugh
Vincent Connare
Ania Cremer
John Day
Eric Donelan
Johannes Erler
Edward Fella
Fátima Finizola
Val Fullard
Giada Celine Ghiringhelli
John W. Golden
Robyn A. Harton
John Hersey
Kris Holmes
Rian Hughes
Nicole Kapitza
Brian Kent
Marie Frédérique Laberge-Milot
Sue Lightfoot
Patricia Lillie
Tony de Marco
Amanda Nguyen
Ian Patterson
Ingo Preuss
Darren Raven
David S Rose
Steffen Sauerteig
Fabrizio Schiavi
Pierre di Sciullo
Brian Sooy
Stan Starbuck
Richard Starkings
Olaf Stein
Ann Stretton
George Thomas
Christina Torre
Janet Torres
Kai Vermehr
Roger Vershen
Geraldine Wade
Steve Zafarana
Hermann Zapf

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