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Fulvio Bisca

freelance illustrator, graphic and type designer based in Torino, Italy. Graduated in 1989 from ITIS G.B. Bodoni – Graphic Arts. From 2003 to 2006 editor and art director for Miele, free independent Italian magazine. Since 2007 teaching at IAAD – Institute of Applied Arts and Design (Communication & Graphic Design Dept.).


Colleen Doran

Colleen Doran is an American writer/artist, film conceptual artist, and cartoonist.

She has illustrated hundreds of comics, graphic novels, books and magazines, and dozens of stories and articles, including works written by Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Joe R. Lansdale, Anne Rice, J. Michael Straczynski, Peter David and Tori Amos, including The Sandman, Wonder Woman, Legion of Superheroes, Teen Titans, Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and her own space opera series, A Distant Soil.

“A Distant Soil” is considered a classic of graphic novel art and has been profiled in books, magazines and documentaries. It is listed in The 101 Best Graphic Novels by Stephen Weiner, and is a perennial in American libraries. It’s themes and style predate the now common manga influence in American art, and it’s epic scope, a story of more than 1,000 pages, was almost unprecedented when first published. The series has also seen print in Spanish and Italian language editions, and to date has sold some 700,000 copies.

Gabriel Bautista

Comix Gorilla GABRIEL BAUTISTA is the artist of John JG Roshell’s CHARLEY LOVES ROBOTS series. His incredible watercolors graced the pages of ELEPHANTMEN #50. In some circles he is known as “Galvo” or “Gabo” and he has brought his brofu color skills to the pages THE SPIRIT, ALL STAR WESTERN and also illustrated JESUS CHRIST, IN THE NAME OF THE GUN. He is also the creator of comic battling site ENTERVOID.COM and indy press PULPOPRESS.COM. He loves his girl, his dog lulu and his font.

Dan Panosian

Dan Panosian has worked in comics as penciller, inker, letterer and cover artist. Dan has worked for Marvel, DC, Image, and Detective Comics. He has illustrated many popular comics such as Captain America, Spawn, The Flash, Spider-Man, X-Men, Spelljammer, and Green Lantern.

Dan was also storyboard artist for the short film The Big Bang Theory (2007), and was part of the production crew for Warner Brothers' Harry Potter film (2001). He has also done award-winning commercial art including for logos and brochures.

Besides being an artist, Dan Panosian has also acted and designed video games. Dan played “Mr. Clark” in the film The Source (2002), and designed video games such as Duke Nukem Forever (2007). He also wrote and did the art for the initial issue of the comic Prophet (1993).

Shaky Kane

He sees you! He can see everything YOU do! He wears X-Ray Spex! He glows in the dark!

Top Pop Cult Comic Artist Shaky Kane pushes at the limits of taste, dragging a scalpel down the veil of your illusions to make you see the world as it really is, as HE sees it.

You've wondered at his work in the pages of ELEPHANTMEN! THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN!

CAP'N DINOSAUR! THAT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE A ROBOT! MONSTER TRUCK and DEADLINE! You've worn the HATEFUL DEAD t-shirt and drawn blood with the SHAKY KANE FAN CLUB pins. Now Shaky Kane isn't just a disaffected punk rock way of looking at the world, it’s a font too. A little Shaky, a little Stirred, best served with a purple eyeball spiked on a cocktail stick.

Jonathan Ball

Jonathan Ball has been drawing letters for as long as he can remember, but only recently started drawing them more correctly. He’s worked as a graphic designer since 2013 and suffers from a very unhealthy obsession with all things concerning type. The most recent symptom of this infatuation is font creation.

People in the field of Illustration

We know of 168 people who work in this field:

Karen Ackoff
Jean Antoine Alessandrini
Robert Altemus
Robert Arnow
Alejandro Arrojo
Andrew Ashton
Bob Aufuldish

Chico Baldini
Joan Barjau
Herbert Bayer
Jill Bell
Emil Karl Bertell
Erik Jarl Bertell
Kea Bertell
Ivan Bilibin
Patrick Bloom
John Bloor
Brian Bolland
Richard Bradley
William H. Bradley
Paul Brannelly
Walter Brudi
David Buck

Leslie Cabarga
J.Scott Campbell
Patricia Carvalho
Samuel Casal
Cody Chancellor
Warren Chappell
Marian Churchland
Seymour Chwast
Johann Vincenz Cissarz
Thomas Maitland Cleland
Charles-Nicholas Cochin
David Cohen
Manuel Eduardo Corradine
Brian Crick

Benjamin de Lotz
Alan Denney
Paul Dersidan
Valérie Desrochers
Melli Diete
Michael Doret
Craig Duffney
Ron P. Dunant
William Addison Dwiggins

Sergey Epifanov

Edward Fella
Nedo Mion Ferrario
Frederic Fivaz
Matt Frost
Tuko Fujisaki

Sam Gambino
Fanny Garcia
Jack A. Gardner
Tom R. Garrett
Justin Gerard
Dave Gibbons
Joe Gillespie
Cory Godbey
Julius de Goede
John W. Golden
Illarion Gordon
Yuri Gordon
Alex Grecian
Art Grootfontein

Levente Halmos
Sem L. Hartz
Kevin Hayes
Dominik Heilig
Adriana E. Hernandez
Dave Hill
Jonathan Hill
Heiko Hoos
Gerard Huerta
Rian Hughes

F. Ernest Jackson
Beto Janz
Slobodan Jelesijevic
Jon Jennings

Teri Kahan
James Kandt
Jessie Marion King
Yana Klink
Crystal Kluge
Barbara Klunder
Christopher Koelle
Johannes König
Olga Kozlova
Alessio Leonardi
Phillip LePine
Martin Lexelius
Dimitre Lima
David Lloyd
Tom Lulevitch

Michel M.
Ricardo Marcin
Tony de Marco
James Marsh
Alexander Marshall
Joan M. Mas
Anderson Maschio
Steve Mehallo
Tomás Vellvé Mengual
Christopher Metcalfe
Ed Miliano
Joe Mittler
Renan Molin
Catherine Mouttet
Joachim Müller-Lancé

Roger S. Nelsson

Germán Olaya

Maxfield Parrish
Daniel Pelavin
Max Phillips
Nate Piekos
Lucien Pissarro
Ingo Preuss
Lars Pryds
Howard Pyle

Dado Queiroz

Arthur Rackham
Darren Raven
Eduardo Recife
Alfred Roller
Jeff Rubow

Rodrigo Saiani
Tim Sale
Fernanda Salmona
Joseph Kaspar Sattler
Florian Schick
Peter Schnorr
Merle Scholtz
Thomas Schostok
Andreas Seidel
Hannes Siengalewicz
Mark Simonson
Kevin Simpson
Henning Hartmut Skibbe
Ko Sliggers
Ann Stretton

Jeremy Tenison-Woods
Herbert Thannhaeuser
Sébastien Théraulaz
David Thometz
Oleg Tishchenkov
Janet Torres
Georg Trump
Hellmuth Tschörtner

Anne Ulku
Jack Usine

Joe VanDerBos
Hernando G. Villa
Heinrich Vogeler
Maximilien Vox

Kathy Warinner
Peter G. Warren
Emil Rudolf Weiß
David Westwood
Paul Wootton
Laura Worthington

Derek Yaniger
Zakhar Yashchin

Molly Z
Steve Zafarana
Deborah Zemke
Carla Zetina-Yglesias
Florian Zietz

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