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What is it?

The lettering artist uses any technique appropriate to the job to draw letters, unlike the calligrapher, who generally uses the familiar strokes of the pen.

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Colleen Doran

Colleen Doran is an American writer/artist, film conceptual artist, and cartoonist.

She has illustrated hundreds of comics, graphic novels, books and magazines, and dozens of stories and articles, including works written by Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Joe R. Lansdale, Anne Rice, J. Michael Straczynski, Peter David and Tori Amos, including The Sandman, Wonder Woman, Legion of Superheroes, Teen Titans, Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, and her own space opera series, A Distant Soil.

“A Distant Soil” is considered a classic of graphic novel art and has been profiled in books, magazines and documentaries. It is listed in The 101 Best Graphic Novels by Stephen Weiner, and is a perennial in American libraries. It’s themes and style predate the now common manga influence in American art, and it’s epic scope, a story of more than 1,000 pages, was almost unprecedented when first published. The series has also seen print in Spanish and Italian language editions, and to date has sold some 700,000 copies.

Juanjo Lopez

Graphic designer, letterer and typographer.

I’m interested in old vernacular type designs, and determined to learn every aspect of manual typography, calligraphy, lettering, or letterpress printing.

I’m part of Familia Plómez, pre-digital typographic collective and letterpress workshop based in Madrid, and, the most important spanish typographic website.

I have taught typography in several places, like IED Madrid and MrMarcel School. I have also taught type, lettering and letterpress.

Michel Derre

Typographer, graphic designer and letterer at the begining of his carreer, Michel Derre practices and teaches calligraphy since the eighties.

Jonathan Ball

Jonathan Ball has been drawing letters for as long as he can remember, but only recently started drawing them more correctly. He’s worked as a graphic designer since 2013 and suffers from a very unhealthy obsession with all things concerning type. The most recent symptom of this infatuation is font creation.

People in the field of Lettering

We know of 107 people who work in this field:

George Abrams
Frank Atkinson

Friedrich Wilhelm Bauer
Jill Bell
Alan A. Blackman
Garrett Boge
Brian Bolland
Tony Booth
Charles Borges de Oliveira
Richard Bradley
Paul Brannelly
Gunnlaugur SE Briem

Elí Castellanos Chávez
Margo Chase
Joseph Churchward
Charles-Nicholas Cochin
David Cohen
Oswald Bruce Cooper
Chris Costello
Carl Crossgrove
Ray Cruz
Choz Cunningham

Alan Denney
Timothy Donaldson
Michael Doret
Albrecht Dürer

M. C. Escher
Vera Evstafieva
Roger Excoffon

Cleber Faria

Thomas Gabriel
Gerald Gallo
Sam Gambino
Eric Gill
Frederic W. Goudy
Hector Guimard

David Hamuel
Michael Harvey
Michael Hochleitner
Lothar Hoffmann
Kris Holmes
Gerard Huerta

Gustav Jensen
Edward Johnston

James Kandt
Thomas Kennedy
Brian Kent
David Kettlewell
Crystal Kluge
Rudolf Koch

Doug Larson
James A. Lebbad
Rob Leuschke
Andrew Patrick Lines
Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Andrea Mantegna
Mary L. Marino
Anderson Maschio
Dung van Meerbeeck
Keith Morris
Alphonse Mucha
Igor Mustaev

David Nalle
Brody Neuenschwander
Elena Novoselova

Jim Parkinson
Maxfield Parrish
Daniel Pelavin
Albert Pinggera
Friedrich Poppl
Herbert Post
Gottfried Pott
Howard Pyle

David Quay

Arthur Rackham
Jesse Ragan
Stephen W. Rapp
John Roshell

Rosemary Sassoon
Kathy Schinhofen
Peter Schnorr
Paul Shaw
Mark Simonson
Susan Skarsgard
Irina Smirnova
Göran Söderström
Richard Starkings
Mike R. Stevens
Nick Stewart
Sumner Stone

Mary Trafton
Jan Tschichold
Hellmuth Tschörtner

Ludwig Übele
Gerard Unger
Leslie Usherwood

Martin Wait
Julian Waters
Samuel Welo
Laura Worthington
Frank Lloyd Wright

Derek Yaniger
Zakhar Yashchin
Doyald Young

Molly Z
Gudrun Zapf-von Hesse
Carla Zetina-Yglesias

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