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Shaky Kane

He sees you! He can see everything YOU do! He wears X-Ray Spex! He glows in the dark!

Top Pop Cult Comic Artist Shaky Kane pushes at the limits of taste, dragging a scalpel down the veil of your illusions to make you see the world as it really is, as HE sees it.

You've wondered at his work in the pages of ELEPHANTMEN! THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN!

CAP'N DINOSAUR! THAT'S BECAUSE YOU'RE A ROBOT! MONSTER TRUCK and DEADLINE! You've worn the HATEFUL DEAD t-shirt and drawn blood with the SHAKY KANE FAN CLUB pins. Now Shaky Kane isn't just a disaffected punk rock way of looking at the world, it’s a font too. A little Shaky, a little Stirred, best served with a purple eyeball spiked on a cocktail stick.

People in the field of Poster Art

We know of 36 people who work in this field:

Otto Arpke
Saul Bass
Donald Beekman
Lucian Bernhard
William H. Bradley
Paul Brannelly
Adolphe Mouron Cassandre
Seymour Chwast
Johann Vincenz Cissarz
Austin Cooper
Roger Excoffon
Edward Fella
Raymond Gid
Milton Glaser
James Kandt
Max Kisman
Jean-Benoît Lévy
Thomas Lincoln
Gérard Mariscalchi
Anderson Maschio
Chris May
Tomás Vellvé Mengual
Alphonse Mucha
Masoud Nejabati
Jermaine Rogers
Emil Ruder
Stefan Schlesinger
Thomas Schostok
Kurt Schwitters
Abdullah Taşçı
Rosemarie Tissi
Henryk Tomaszewski
Anne Ulku
Hernando G. Villa
Wolfgang Weingart
Doyald Young

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