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Piotr Marcinowicz

Piotr Marcinowicz is a font designer from Poland, co-founder of the GRIN3 group. He has been passionate about fonts since childhood. He has designed t-shirts, posters and graffiti.

In the beginning of 2000 he started designing fonts which he published on the internet as freeware. He was known as Gulash (GSH). In 2010 he tightened collaboration with Bartek Nowak. As GRIN3 they design commercial fonts. In his day-to-day job, Piotr provides image management in areas of web presence and promotion.

Gabriel Bautista

Comix Gorilla GABRIEL BAUTISTA is the artist of John JG Roshell’s CHARLEY LOVES ROBOTS series. His incredible watercolors graced the pages of ELEPHANTMEN #50. In some circles he is known as “Galvo” or “Gabo” and he has brought his brofu color skills to the pages THE SPIRIT, ALL STAR WESTERN and also illustrated JESUS CHRIST, IN THE NAME OF THE GUN. He is also the creator of comic battling site ENTERVOID.COM and indy press PULPOPRESS.COM. He loves his girl, his dog lulu and his font.

Martin Parker

People in the field of Web Design

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