Bruno Mello
Bruno Mello (1987) is a typeface designer based in São Paulo, Brazil. After graduated in Graphic Design at UFSM in 2010, he worked with packaging and editorial design companies and developed some typeface projects on his own. His graduation project called Caturrita was featured in Tupigrafia, a Brazilian magazine about typography, the project also won a student award at BID, Ibero-American Biennial in Madrid, Spain, in 2010. In 2012, he attended the Type@Cooper Condensed Program in New York, USA. Also, in that year, Bruno joined Dalton Maag as a Font Developer where he is currently working on both internal and client projects. In 2015, Objektiv, designed by Bruno Mello and published by Dalton Maag was listed on the Best Fonts on FontShop's website. In 2020, he launches Basco, as his first typeface release with Typofonderie.

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