Bülent Yüksel
Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Bülent Yüksel began his career as a graphic designer in 1996. He started working at "Sabah Newspaper" and he continued to work as an art director. After he was Illustration and black pen work and oil painting painter. Ultimately, he devoted himself to "Typeface Design", which is the most difficult discipline of "Graphic Design". When he was small child, he started to create fonts on school notebooks. His earliest designs were limited to mainly thic works, but he knew that he wanted to create a deeper type library filled with more versatile and useful designs. “As time passed, he learned more and more and began to create custom typefaces to solve real problems in other design projects he was working on and just like that, my first marketable font was created.” Bülent officially created his foundry in 2013 with his MyFonts debut of Formetic. Since then, this show has continued with the high-selling Full Sans, which is "a modern sans serif" with a geometric touch. Then, he became popular with Bosphorus. He created a number of creative fonts to help designers take their designs to the next level. It still continues to create new fonts full time. You can contact him at buyuksel@hotmail.com, pre-purchase and post-purchase with questions and for technical support. To find out about new font releases and special deals follow Bülent on "Facebook: @blntyksl34", "Twitter: @blntyksl34" and "Instagram: /@blntyksl34". Bülent Yüksel was born in Istanbul, 1973. He married and has two children. Bülent Yüksel's font design philosophy is: "There is nothing as satisfying as doing a good quality job."

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