Daniel Uzquiano
Daniel Uzquiano (Barcelona, 1978) is a Graphic and Type designer based in Barcelona, Spain. He teaches graphic design at the School of Art and Design of Tarragona. Because of his interest in typography, in 2009-2010, he majored a Master Of Typography at the University of Barcelona. His synthesis work in that master has been published on the issue 2 of the GFM-Grapheme magazine under the title “La asemización de la letra” (GFM. # 2. Dezembro 2010. DEP. LEGAL 284269/08, ISBN 978-989 – 95997-1-0, ISSN 1647-1024). The magazine is published annually by the CEAAD, Centro de Estudos Albicastrenses Aplicados ao Design a Portugal. This work of synthesis is willing to explore the archetypal forms of the letters and how they are configured to be perceived as such.

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