Dragon Tongue Foundry

Dragon Tongue Foundry. Scott Spensley from New Zealand, is the overall designer of all Dragon Tongue fonts. The foundry of Dragon Tongue came in to being around 40 years ago, to be a source of new music and graphic design ideas. The first real high quality digital font from this Foundry was created around 20 years ago. It was a digitised version of Scott’s wife’s calligraphy. It was stunningly good, and admired by all who saw it. It was never released. Sadly, after the his wife passed away from cancer, and multiple hard-drive crashes, the font was lost, and there are now no versions of it remaining. Dragon Tongue shut down for a period of time, but recently, with extra spare time created by Covid and lockdowns… the Foundry has re-awoken, and is focused totally on creating exciting new fonts, in multiple styles. Some of the current style directions are, Serif and San-Serif, Handwriting and script, hand drawn period, Art-Deco to 80’s, from serious high quality to funky and fun, extending the range of known font styles, and exploring modern adaptable fonts using contextual ligatures and Stylistic alternatives, swashes and ‘smart’ letters that adapt to their neighbours and position in a word or sentence. We aim to craft fonts that feel ‘clever’, as if it knows what the writer wants of it. Fonts that add a little bit more than a standard font does. In some cases, fonts that feel natural and alive. Feel free to check out some of his fonts that are yet to be released, at