Fortune Fonts was borne out of frustration-- Pete Cross' frustration at not being able to accurately depict the displays of electronic devices when producing manuals and on-screen mock-ups. Pete Cross, technical director at Fortune Fonts, explains: "fonts typically available are in the artistic style of common LED or LCD displays, but do not produce an accurate and consistent representation of the real display. To overcome this limitation, large companies employee graphic designers to produce customized fonts for their product documentation. This provides a very professional look, but at a cost that small companies or hobbyists can't afford. Fortune Fonts products are a low cost way to bring this advantage to your own projects." Fortune Fonts products come with numbers, letters and symbols predefined, but also allow you to create the exact segment combination you need for your own custom symbols. Special features are provided for inserting decimal points, colons and the top-spot, in such a way that the rest of the display remains unaffected. Now you can document and produce on-screen mock-ups in a way that does not detract from the quality of your product. A user manual is provided with each font to ensure you achieve the best possible result. Fortune Fonts also provides custom font design services: Sometimes it's worth the extra effort to achieve the individual look you need to set your product or presentation apart.

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