Joshua Mayfield
Joshua Mayfield offers his fonts through his Mayfield Type Foundry. A recent Graphic Design graduate, I design typefaces that draw on historical models while bringing something new to the table every time. My love of type probably stemmed from my love of reading. My first typography class opened my eyes to the subtleties of the beautiful type that made beautiful words. On a whim, I began a type revival based on an obsolete typeface in a dusty mid-nineteenth century book I found. That typeface was my learning curve, as I began to learn — by trial and error and through research — what makes letters work. And by the time I finished its final iteration four years later, I was hooked. I desire to design beautiful type and well-made fonts that have surprising flexibility, and help fulfill the typographic needs of the content of your creative work. You can visit my website at to admire my limited web skills, or follow me on Twitter: @josh_a_mayfield,

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