MMC-TypEngine «Multimedia Mastering & Creative Type-Services» Post Est. 2021, by André Themoteo Alves Corrêa a.k.a. «Dr. Andréground» A New and Ultimate Foundry which replaced the obsolete registry from 2013, renamed along a name issue related to its earlier brand holding. MMC-TypEngine affairs are plugged into “Mathy” Cool Fonts and ‘Puzzle-Style’ Type-Patterns through high-end criteria! Our “MMC” was Originally a Crew of Graffiti, also known as “Macacos me Mordam” and a “Many Meanings Challenge” Acronym… MMC-TypEngine is influenced by Underground Culture same way to Architectonic and Engineering inspirations as well. In other words, a «Modular Mechanical & Calculist» “Mathemagical” Formula Fonts Forever! Btw, MMC’s got an underdevelopment collection of upcoming Typefaces & projects!! Stay tuned!!

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