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Pesky Bug

Pesky Bug by
Individual Styles from $16.00
Complete family of 1 fonts: $24.00
Pesky Bug Font Family was designed by Jakob Fischer and published by Pesky Bug contains 6 styles and family package options. More about this family
  • Pesky Bug Regular Pesky Bug Regular

  • Pesky Bug Italic Pesky Bug Italic

  • Pesky Bug Wide Pesky Bug Wide

  • Pesky Bug Wide Italic Pesky Bug Wide Italic

  • Pesky Bug Narrow Pesky Bug Narrow

  • Pesky Bug Narrow Italic Pesky Bug Narrow Italic

Per Style: $4.00

Pack of 6 : $24.00

About Pesky Bug Font Family

Pesky Bug is a clean comic and kids font. Initially drawn by hand, but cleaned up digitally, leaving a fresh look - which makes it perfect for anything that has to do with kids products, sports, toys, clothing etc.

The x-height, width of strokes and variating baseline are off here and there, and that leaves this active look!

Designers: Jakob Fischer



Design Owner:

MyFonts debut: Oct 26, 2022

Pesky Bug


Hi, my name is Jakob Fischer and I am the the guy behind - I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I spend most of my spare time messing around with fonts and drawings. Besides making fonts I am working fulltime as a kindergarden teacher.As you may notice, my style is sometimes quite goofy and playful. I find my inspiration in comics and graffiti - and the nickname "pizzadude" kinda got stuck to me and reflects my style in a good way. The name pizzadude comes from a 1989 movie “The ‘burbs” starring Tom Hanks. At some point the character Ricky Butler (played by Corey Feldman) cries out “...but I just called the pizzadude...” - that struck me as a fun thing for a nickname...and voila! The pizzadude was born! :)