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Prosaic Std

Prosaic Std

by Typofonderie
Individual Styles from $59.00
Complete family of 8 fonts: $304.00
Prosaic Std Font Family was designed by Aurélien Vret and published by Typofonderie. Prosaic Std contains 8 styles and family package options.

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About Prosaic Std Font Family

A Postmodern vernacular sanserif in 8 fonts

Prosaic designed by Aurélien Vret is a Postmodern typographic tribute to the french vernacular signs created by local producers in order to directly market their products visible along the roads. These signs drawn with a brush on artisanal billboards do not respect any typographic rules. The construction of these letterforms is hybrid and does not respect any ductus. Nevertheless the use of certain tools provokes a certain mechanism in the development of letter shapes. It’s after many experiments with a flat brush, that’s these letterforms have been reconstructed and perfected by Aurélien Vret. This is the starting point for the development of an easily reproducible sanserif with different contemporary writing tools.

From non-typographical references of Prosaic towards readability innovation

The influence of the tool is revealed in the letterforms: angular counterforms contrasting to the smoothed external shapes. This formal contrast gives to Prosaic a good legibility in small sizes. These internal angles indirectly influenced by the tool, open the counterforms. In the past, to deal with phototype limitations in typeface production, some foundries modified the final design by adding ink traps. In our high resolution digital world, these ink traps — now fashionable among some designers — have little or no effect when literally added to any design. Should one see in it a tribute to the previous limitations? Difficult to say. Meanwhile, there are typeface designers such as Ladislas Mandel, Roger Excoffon, and Gerard Unger who have long tried to push the limits of readability by opening the counters of their typefaces. Whatever the technology, such design research for a large counters have a positive impact on visual perception of typefaces in a small body text. The innovative design of counter-forms of the Prosaic appears in this second approach. Itself reinforced by an exaggerated x-height as if attempting to go beyond the formal limits of the Latin typography. It is interesting to note how the analysis of a non-typographical letters process has led to the development of a new typographic concept by improving legibility in small sizes.

Disconnected to typical typographic roots in its elaboration, Prosaic is somewhat unclassifiable. The formal result could easily be described as a sturdy Postmodern humanistic sanserif! Humanistic sanserif because of its open endings. Sturdy because of its monumental x-height, featuring a “finish” mixing structured endings details. The visual interplay of angles and roundness produces a design without concessions. Finally, Prosaic is Postmodern in the sense it is a skeptical interpretation of vernacular sign paintings. Starting from a reconstruction of them in order to re-structure new forms with the objective of designing a new typeface. Referring to typographic analogy, the Prosaic Black is comparable to the Antique Olive Nord, while the thinner versions can refer to Frutiger or some versions of the Ladislas Mandel typefaces intended for telephone directories.

Prosaic, a Postmodern vernacular sanserif

Prosaic is radical, because it comes from a long artistic reflection of its designer, Aurélien Vret, as well a multidisciplinary artist. The Prosaic is also a dual tone typeface because it helps to serve the readability in very small sizes and brings a sturdy typographic power to large sizes.

Prosaic, a Postmodern vernacular sanserif

Designers: Aurélien Vret

Publisher: Typofonderie

Foundry: Typofonderie

Design Owner: Typofonderie

MyFonts debut: Sep 5, 2020

Prosaic Std

About Typofonderie

Founded in 1994 by Jean-François Porchez, Typofonderie is an independent digital type foundry in France, designing, manufacturing and distributing a selection of high quality typefaces for adventurous digital typographers. This is the first place in the world to buy our digital fonts. Based in Clamart (France) from the end of 2008, Typofonderie as foundry, is dedicated to the distribution of a selection of high quality typeface designs, while ZeCraft focuses on the bespoke typefaces and lettering projects. Many of the Typofonderie typefaces have won prizes in international competitions.

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