Robbie de Villiers
Robbie de Villiers, an award-winning multi-disciplinary designer based in Wilton, Connecticut, started the Wilton Foundry in 2003. Robbie has extensive training in calligraphy which fuels his love for designing fonts. Years ago he read an article in U&lc magazine about a reading and comprehension test made with Times New Roman, Gill Regular and Helvetica. This, combined with his love of calligraphy, started him seriously focusing on typography and its role in design communications. Robbie has an inquisitive mind, constantly looking and comparing shapes and concepts. Letter forms can be arranged in beautiful formations that can evoke emotions that simply would not exist with plain letters arranged in predictable ways. His fascination and love lies with the challenge of designing fonts that are beautiful, not just in individual letters, but in the combination of letters that form words and thoughts. He therefore considers it a huge privilege designing fonts that are the ultimately the messengers of small and large thoughts, that can stir emotions and perhaps even cause life-changing experiences to its recipients. International recognition for his designs. International Recognition for Design Excellence: 2 Clio Awards and 19 International Clio Award Nominations, Communication Arts awards USA, London Institute for Packaging, Great Britain, Novum Gebrausgraphik, Germany, Office de la Vigne et du Vin, France, NOAH Japan, Loerie, South Africa, Graphis, Switzerland, Graphis Packaging, Switzerland, Print, USA.

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