Eliza Gwendalyn and Jim Lyles founded Studioways in 2016. Jim is already a partner is several foundries, Stiggy & Sands, Monogram Fonts Company, and BluHead Studio, and his own Park Street Studio, joining MyFonts in 2005, but it was time for some new eyes. Jim writes, "Eliza and I were introduced right after she launched her font Petunia with Great Lakes Lettering. I was struck by her calligraphic style and keen eye for moving baselines. She brings a fresh, artistic view point to the table, and along with her online friends and fans in the wedding & fashion industry, it was an untouched arena for me." Together the duo embarked on their first typeface family, Lady Slippers, which paved the way for their foundry Studioways. Studioways is a growing collection of typefaces featuring the coined calligraphic styles of Eliza ( and her peers in the wedding industry. Jim's primary contribution to the team is building the fonts, but he will also add some more traditional type designs to the collection.

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