Tipos do aCASO
In 1998 a group of friends decided to study typography and produce digital types in Pernambuco, Brazil. Two years later they organize an exhibition of their work and established Tipos do aCASO as the first Brazilian Northeast digital type foundry. In the following years they sold and distributed their own types from catalogs, small objects and merchandising stuff. The group gained national prominence participating and being rewarded in competitive design exhibitions like Tipografia Brasilis, Pernambuco Design Conference, Biennial of Design by ADG-Brasil and Biennial Tipos Latinos. Soon the invitations to give lectures and workshops around the country started. The collective turns into a business and developes important dingbat projects for the Pernambuco’s Government such as Manguebats? and Armoribats?. Today, Tipos do aCASO returned to its origins and works as a collective again. Managed by its founder, Buggy (author of the only Brazilian type design book written in Portuguese) the type foundry undertakes researches and promotes educational activities focusing on letterpress, typography and typeface design.

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