Tom Grunwald
On November 28, 1983 a small feather, no bigger than a finger, fell to the Earth. The origin of this feather was unknown, and the tribes people of western Staten Island marveled around its beauty. Theories began circulating around the meaning of this small feather and what the tribes people should do with it. Around the same time, a small baby was born, no bigger than a finger. All of the medicine men across the Staten Island had never seen such an anomaly. They gaped at the tiny human, wondering how it defied all scientific reason. “How is he ever going to grow?” they asked. A few days later, at the suggestion of the lead medicine man Marco, the tiny feather was brought to the tiny baby. At this melodic moment the feather transformed the tiny baby into the distant future. Tom arrived in 2013 with wings on his shoes. With no recollection of the years between his birth and the future, he seeks to live every day like it’s his first. He rides motorcycles, gets tattoos while flicking off cameras.

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