Fontfabric — Let's Ride Bundle

It’s a real rollercoaster with this year’s Fontfabric round-up—a special selection of 50 fonts for $49! Hand-picked to match even the most adventurous among you, this bundle will surely cover all extremities. With a wide variety of styles, weights, and features, you’ll venture off into challenging projects with zero effort and unlock new highways to successful designs across all touchpoints. This bundle is fueled with distinctive display fonts to better visualize personality, and reliable high-performing favorites of the global design community like Mozer, Nexa Script, Intro Script, Intro Rust, Alkes, and more! Don’t be afraid to turn it up a notch and match your energy with true and tested fonts crafted down to the finest detail.

Designed by: Ellis Tolsma

Fonts in this Bundle

The fonts from this bundle can be used in a variety of ways.  In this inspiration gallery, we have showcased how you can use them in packaging, print, signage and branding.  Share your creation on twitter and instagram using #FONTACULAR @Myfonts and we may showcase it here.