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Georges Perec (1936 - 1982). French poet, novelist, scientific documentalist, composer, author of radiophonic pieces, lover of puzzles, film maker, parachutist, player of go, and author of the most difficult crosswords, Georges Perec is one of the most original writers of the literary revitalization of the second half of the 20th century. He was a member of the OuLiPo (Ouvrier de Littérature Potentielle) including people like Raymond Queneau, Harry Matthews, and Italo Calvino, a group that pursued a radical innovation of literature employing imaginative methods based on the idea of constraints. Perec’s œuvre radiates an invigorating ludic sense, and his meticulous tales, acrobatically run across all literary genres and all époques. Among his most celebrated novels there are: Life: A User’s Manual (La Vie mode d'emploi, 1978), A Gallery Portrait (Un cabinet d'amateur, 1979), and A Void (La Disparition, 1969, a lipogram, that is a text written without ever using the letter “e”). More…

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