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K. “Cerulean” Pease started Cerulean Stimuli as a graphic design and illustration business in the 20th Century, and, not insignificantly, designed a logotype for it.

This business turned to comic strips and custom ambigrams, and may yet have another try at games, but the real treasure has always been the letterforms we made along the way. For years, in between everything else, it has been impossible to resist picking at these typefaces, expanding them and making them better, knowing deep down that they may be the only truly useful products of the whole enterprise, if only it were possible to at last decide that they are finished. And here we are!

Cerulean Stimuli fonts are always original ideas, from its flagship unicase, to surprising new ways to gothic a gothic, and, soon, an unexpected cure for Papyrus misuse. The mission is always to bring into the world something new and fantastic.

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3 font styles from $18.00
Wham! Volcano erupts fiery liquid death onto ex-jazzbo Kenny G.
Glazed Glazed


14 font styles from $36.00
Jeb quickly drove a few extra miles on the glazed pavement.
Cerulea Cerulea


2 font styles from $17.00
Jimmy and Zack, the police explained, were last seen diving into a field of buttered quahogs.
Walklike Walklike