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DTC (Hungary)

The Digital Typeface Co. L.L.C. (DTC L.L.C.) was established by printers and typographers in 1999.

DTC L.L.C. is the leader of ProFonts Developers Group, and its main activity to develop the CE, EE, BA, TR, CY and more national versions.

The hungarian-transylvanian typographer Misztótfalusi Kis Miklós designed some special fonts in XVII-XVIIIth century. The DTC L.L.C. has been improving these types. The DTC L.L.C. is Authorized Distributor of Agfa-Monotype in Eastern Europe (without Poland). The leader of hungarian designer team is Mr. Attila Derecskei, he is a printer-typographer and retoucher. He learned the profession at Hungarian Academic Press and at Banknote Press of Hungary, then he took a degree at Hungarian Printing University. He has worked in typography since 1984. He established an own company in 1993, its name is ScanDer Ltd., this firm has been developing fonts as well. The leader of rumanian designer team is Mrs. Ana Stanculescu, she is a graphic designer.

Foundry details

  • Founded: 1999
  • Location:
    Digital Typeface Co. L.L.C.

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