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Dale Guild Type Foundry

The Dale Guild Type Foundry is one of two casters of metal foundry-type which remain. Bauer Neufville, in Barcelona is the other. But Dale Guild is the only foundry capable of cutting and casting a new metal typeface.

The Dale Guild Type Foundry has been cutting and casting true foundry-cast types, ornaments, borders and initials since 1993. It uses foundry alloy made from virgin metals in Barth foundry casters obtained from American Type Founders Co. at their closing. All 16 machines along with two Benton Engraving Machines have been rebuilt and are meticulously maintained.

It casts types from 6-24 points, and 72 point initials and strives to maintain ATF’s standards of production in its artwork, engraving and casting.

Foundry details

  • Location:
    Dale Guild Type Foundry
    4621 Route 9 North
    Howell, NJ 07731
    United States of America
    phone: 732-363-3590
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