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After a long career working with brides and wedding planners as a lettering artist, Debi Sementelli made the leap into the font design world. “I saw the need for another option to original hand lettering,” she said. “So I partnered with Brian Bonislawsky and formed our joint foundry, Correspondence Ink.”

The duo saw success with their first two fonts, Belluccia (which spent an impressive 26 months on the Best Sellers list) and Dom Loves Mary–so much success in fact, that Debi was inspired to venture out on her own.

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7 font styles from $29.99
Mozart’s jawing quickly vexed a fat bishop.
Cantoni Cantoni


4 font styles from $19.99
Will Major Douglas be expected to take this true-false quiz very soon?
Cinque Donne Cinque Donne


2 font styles from $10.00
Jeb quickly drove a few extra miles on the glazed pavement.
Hello My Love Pro Hello My Love Pro