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Founded in 2013, LCT (La Casse Typographique) is the space created by the workshop La Casse to distribute its propers typographic creations. The graphic design studio & typographical “The Nutcracker” is composed of four entities, a plethora of knowledge and a passion to make sense.

The Brain develops its activity in the institutional, cultural and private spheres. Dynamics and structure close to its customers, the workshop offers a unique visual vocabulary and respectful of your needs. The four stooges that make up the workshop artisans graphics.

Designer, but also the creator of characters, the workshop La Casse attaches great importance to the printing thing. This enthusiasm for the letter is expressed through the drawing of characters as well as the practice of composition and movable type printing, also known as letterpress. The workshop can therefore offer high quality items, combining traditional expertise and modern composition.


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  • Location:
    La Casse Typographique
    6 rue Saint-Domingue
    phone: 02 49 44 28 52
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1 font style from $19.90
LCT Palissade LCT Palissade


27 font styles from $35.00
We promptly judged antique ivory buckles for the next prize.
LCT Picon LCT Picon
LCT Picon LCT Picon
LCT Picon LCT Picon
LCT Picon LCT Picon
LCT Picon LCT Picon


2 font styles from $29.90
Murky haze enveloped a city as jarring quakes broke fourty-six windows.
LCT Ragnarök PE LCT Ragnarök PE


5 font styles from $49.00 - some free
Seiji Ozawa quit, vexing rabid symphonic folk.
LCT Sbire LCT Sbire