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The extinct "MMC-Typodrom­­e" was started over as MMC-TypEngine… The former foundry from 2013 was a non-official MMC “Holding” or “Cousin” of the original ‘Typodrome’, a brand of the famous Brazilian Design publication; ‘Desígne’ Produced by IAV-UniverCidade, Design Academy from Rio de Janeiro, and detached from this...  At the time me personally had an authorization to use this naming on my foundry from Professor C. Horcades (Typodrome Brand Holder) but it could not be distinguished as a legitimate name… Plus, could not stop seaming to be 2 different things… So, the name became obsolete. Then, MMC-TypEngine came for a while as a much better idea, Complete Library, and new fonts soon!   It was a must to return the name to the original Typodrome, use their brand again without living any “trace” on the web… So, we had to create a new foundry! All previous costumers can still have access to previous fonts purchases from ‘MMC-Typodrome’ and send me any queries or ask for Discount Coupon at new foundry here: [email protected]  Sincerely,  André Themoteo A. Corrêa, MMC-TypEngine.


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  • Location:
    Rua Pinheiro Guimarães, 149. #158
    Rio de Janeiro, 22281080
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