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Blendy wine

I'm a Thai font designer.

I admit that I usually don't think I'm primarily English. But I have always been interested in font design by Thai language. The font design is charming. They are artistic but at the same time they are in harmony with each other. I have always designed Thai fonts. But I want to break the linguistic framework. leave my language To work that can reach the world

Because I don't use English mainly. Therefore, the design of the font is not designed from the user’s point of view. So I didn't think I was designing the dance. But I'm making a piece of art. So I don't care if you can read it or not. I don't care if it’s the same theme or not. I don't care how famous the world is. But it will definitely be interesting.

I hope you will take the time for my art. and support it

thank you

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