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Chez Atelier Citron

Chez Atelier Citron

Atelier Citron is a boutique agency specialized in Graphic Design. We value authenticity, do everything with a touch of je-ne-sais-quoi and a heart full of creativitiy.

For a long time, I thought about whether I was really contributing something to this world. By working with many wonderful, sweet and unique clients, I find out more and more why I do what I do. What I can give to you.

Because do you know the person who straightens your blazer, or removes the fabric from your dress? Or tells you that you have something stuck between your teeth? Still, it’s nice to know you're not walking around with a piece of spinach. Well, I am that person for you in the visual aspect. I look for the “dust” on your branding so that you can go on stage presentable. That you can shine without having your lapel up. That your logo is on your website without a “piece of spinach”.

I give you the visual confidence that your idea deserves!

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