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CP Perspective

"This is a simple modular typeface. It was designed as a tribute to Shigeo Fukuda. and his illusionary works from the war. This font can be used to create full-scale typographic illusions as well as for general design purposes. EG posters / Flyers / Graphic image / Magazine and so on. The font is made of two re-occurring shapes that are formed from a single modular object. The matchstick. From this, I created a simple line and square to represent the wooden pole and the tip of the modular object. These shapes are then transformed into the various letters of the alphabet.

I have two A-Z versions ready so far with more on the way. Each adding further perspective to the typeface. Currently, there is a Regular A-Z, 0-9, a-z and a Bold A-Z, 0-9, a-z.

I have plans to expand this to an italic, light, 3D, Left and right, Color and more"

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