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Designing offers solutions to a given problem. ¶(Bruno Munari)¶¶This bold statement by one of the Italian’s greatest design masters has been leading us from the early days of the publishing house to the current activity of font designing. Such words helped us accomplish an ambitious goal: the highest readability of written texts.¶¶Like all human activities, reading is an energy-consuming task. A lack of fluency in reading results in great strain, which consumes too much of our energy and eventually hinders the full understanding of what is being read. Hence, high-readability is a major feature of a font and a real gateway to the understanding of a written text.¶¶Our goal was accomplished through the creation of the high-readability font EasyReading™, which is specifically dedicated to dyslexics but, thanks to the “Design for All” approach, suitable for all readers.¶

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