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Enis Presheva III

Enis Presheva III has done almost all of it. He started ‘experimenting’ with Adobe After Effects at 9 years old. Having published his first short film at 11 years old, he showed huge interest in the creative industry. He started doing designs for movie posters, ad campaigns, illustrations etc.

While in high-school, he made a medium-lenght film with his friends, about the topic of bullying in schools, which resultat very successful in his home country, Kosovo.

He always showed interest for font use, from the years he ‘played’ with movie titles until now. He has a sharp eye for details and carefully deals with every element that impacts his work.

Enis has done work for Colleges, U.S Embassy, UNICEF Innovations Lab Kosovo, different NGOs etc.

While in College, he found the UI/UX profession very attractive and interesting and commited full-time to develop himself in this field. Today, Enis is a very passionate UI/UX designer and tries to solve different problems for clients all around the world.

Recently, he has made his own package of fonts, and wants to do business with his digital products.

Enis will continue to produce beautiful fonts and has plans to expand his business.

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