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Founded in 2019 by Federico Biagioli typography and lettering, its goal is to show historical roots through artistic, architectural and cultural movements rooted in Europe and Latin America.

Based in Rosario - Argentina, to understand how we have come to recognize the letters today, we focus on delving into the styles and stylistic variables of the letters, to give it that modern and avant-garde imprint that characterizes us in this era.

Pioneers in looking beyond forms, and understanding them from their most rational roots, we work with fresh and contemporary styles, daring to overcome barriers. From a Gothic style of the 9th century, through vintage styles, of the 19th century in our company you will even find pre-Hispanic letters that evoke those papyri in Latin with goose feathers and wax stamps.

We work with open type technology, with software such as Gliphs or Fontlab VII. We make custom retail fonts, for small, medium and large companies.

You can find my work on Behance (, or on Instagram (

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