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Hello my name is Alessandro and my foundry is called FontAle. I know you might think something like "Sure, it is "Font + Ale", so trivial, so dull...Well, not quite.Maybe it does not sound original, but it is all about origins: in old Italian “Fontale” means origin, fountain, source.That is exactly what we would like to do with our foundry: being the origin of a new type of font to help dyslexics with their reading.Let me tell you the story behind this wish. It’s a short one, I promise!One day, when I was walking with my daughter Greta, I stopped in front of the windowshop of a bookshop, that caught my attention, but Greta was pretty irritated, as always when it comes to books: she is dyslexic. All things written are basically a nightmare for her!So one thing came to my mind: if the great Louis Braille, with visual impairment, invented an instrument that allowed blind people to read, write and play,there had to be a tool that made it easier for dyslexics to do the same things. So, I proposed to Greta to create together a font to help her and other dyslexics. We worked on it, becoming a bit of graphic designers, inventors and guinea pigs at the same time.We brought some initial changes to the mirror letters “pq bd”, based on some examples already available on the market, that improved reading times, strenghtening our willing to go ahead. That’s how “GretaDS” is born, a completely new font, from the “handwritten” family, which marks a difference on the mirror letters, making them easily recognizable, as well as the lowercase couple rn (RN) which can be confused with the letter “m”, not to mention the capital “I” (vowel i) indistinguishable from the lowercase “l” (L).Our foundry wants to be, as mentioned in the beginning, the origin, the little source of a river. We hope, that other graphic designers will follow its flow, modify and improve the path, and make the most of its energy, to offer dyslexics a tool that make reading as easy as drinking a glass of water.This is our Foundry and our dream, Fontale, “the origin”.

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How quickly daft jumping zebras vex.
GretaDS GretaDS