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HS.Type, created by a graphic designer who has worked for many years. With a deep affection for Chinese characters and a keen interest in font design, the Chinese character library began to be systematically produced in 2016, and three sets of original character products will be officially released on June 1, 2020.

Chinese characters are an important carrier of information transmission, as well as an important element of visual display. There are thousands of changes in their strokes and forms, and their subtleties are all emotional. The design inspiration of each set of fonts produced by Volcano comes from daily work tasks. In this way, in the initial stage of each font, there is a process of repeated choices and direct results. From a few characters to a standard font library of several thousand characters, in addition to time, there are 7,000 Chinese character aesthetic values.

HS.Type expects to bring users a visual advantage, deepen product impression, and enhance brand value. At the same time, users are also asked to support genuine authorization to build a good market ecology.

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