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Moose Williams

“I’ve always been inspired by boldness,” says US based designer Moose Williams. “When I see bold colors, bold lines, bold patterns, bold people—they spark something in me. When I see that unapologetic beauty in the world, it brings me great joy. When I create, my mission is to embody that same boldness so that I can share that joy with the rest of the world—the joy that only comes by expressing your authentic self.”

Hailing from Tennessee, Moose received a formal education in the visual arts at Middle Tennessee State University. It was there that Moose honed their skills and discovered their passion for type and the graphic arts. It was only a matter of time before that passion manifested itself in the form of original typefaces. Now, they want to share those creations with the public. When asked about what they hope to achieve by releasing these typefaces, they had this to say, “I just hope that people find as much joy in my fonts as I do making them.”

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